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Waterfront holiday homes for sale

Buying a recreation home on the water

  • Luxury and sustainable holiday homes
  • Waterfront location
  • Private marinas

Waterfront holiday homes for sale

At MarinaParken, there are several waterfront holiday homes for sale. Have you always wanted to purchase a waterfront holiday home for yourself or as an investment? Then now is the right time! With the low, and sometimes even negative, savings rates, investing your money in a holiday home is certainly worthwhile. The advantage of purchasing a waterfront holiday home? The water immediately evokes the ultimate holiday feeling for both you and your guests, so enjoy!

Waterfront holiday homes for sale

Waterfront holiday home for sale

When you buy a holiday home on the waterfront, it is often for a reason. Perhaps you love spending time by or on the water. This is also possible at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn in Gelderland. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge themselves, because there is a water ski club next to the resort. You can also enjoy sailing, fishing or canoeing on the water. Do you have your own boat? No problem, the resort has three marinas.

All waterfront holiday homes at MarinaParken feature sustainable and comfortable interiors. The detached holiday villas at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn offer a unique view over the water and plenty of privacy.

Our waterfront holiday villas

Renting out a waterfront holiday home

When you decide to purchase a waterfront holiday home to rent out, be it partially or fully, you can count on the service of our professional rental organization. We will take care of everything concerning the rental of your holiday home, so you can enjoy your sustainable investment without any worries.

    Personal use

    You buy a vacation house on the water for personal use. This way you will only use the home yourself on a recreational level.

    Personal use and rent out

    You buy a recreation home on the water, and when you do not use the home yourself, you make it available to rent out.

    Fully rent out

    An investment where it is possible to receive a fixed net return for a longer period of time.

Holiday home on the waterfront for sale at MarinaParken

Whether you decide to purchase a waterfront holiday home for your personal use, to generate rental income, or a combination thereof. MarinaParken is perfect for all these options. Indeed, MarinaParken has a wide range of exclusive and luxurious waterfront holiday homes for sale in various resorts. What all these holiday resorts have in common is that they are located in triple A locations. This means that the resorts are located directly on the waterfront and have their own marina and/or moorings. In addition, the resorts have luxury facilities.

For example, at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn there is playground equipment for the children and you can enjoy a delicious snack and a drink at Brasserie De Loswal. The luxurious waterfront holiday homes of MarinaParken are the perfect holiday destination for both you and your guests due to the facilities at the resort in combination with the unique location.

Would you like to know more about the investment opportunities at MarinaParken? Please feel free to contact our consultant or ask for our information brochure.

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