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Investment possibilities

Value investing in holiday homes | At MarinaParken

  • Invest with a guaranteed return
  • Your own contact person
  • Guidance from A to Z
  • Luxurious and sustainable holiday villas

Invest in a luxurious, sustainable holiday villa

Vacation in our own country is booming! In particular, the demand for holidays in luxury and sustainable holiday homes is increasing. That is why more and more people are choosing to invest in one or more holiday homes. MarinaParken also offers you the opportunity to invest in a luxurious, sustainable waterfront holiday villa with its own plot.

Choice of three options

    Personal use

    You will buy a holiday villa at MarinaParken for your own use. This way, you will only use the home yourself on a recreational level.

    Personal use as well as letting

    You will invest in a holiday villa and when you do not use the villa yourself, you will make it available for letting.

    Full letting

    An investment with the possibility to receive a fixed net return for a longer period of time.

Invest carefree at MarinaParken

At MarinaParken you have the option to opt for full private use, a combination of private use and rental or renting out your villa at a guaranteed return for a longer term. With regard to the rental of your holiday villa, you are at the right place with MarinaParken. Our professional rental organization takes care of the rental of your villa and arranges this for you from A to Z. In this way you invest carefree and benefit from the fixed net return (with full rental). We can also advise you on and unburden you in tax matters.

Would you like to know more about the investment opportunities at MarinaParken? Please feel free to contact our consultant or request our information brochure.

Triple A locations

Sustainable villas

Completely unburdened

The parks of MarinaParken

Residentie Bloemendaal

This brand-new project is located right by the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen and surrounded by famous spa towns like Zandvoort, Noordwijk, and Katwijk. Amsterdam, at a 30-minute drive, is also reachable for a more varied trip.

Bad Nederrijn

MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn, is uniquely located on the Rijnbandijk in the idyllic town of Maurik on the Nederrijn.

Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht

MarinaPark Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht will open in October 2023. The small-scale, exclusive vacation park has 42 luxury 4- and 6-person vacation villas. All are surrounded by water and feature spacious private lots.

The advantages of investing in a vacation home

The interest rates on savings at banks are low, and the stock market is no longer attractive to many. By investing in a tangible object such as a vacation home, you not only benefit from the return, but also from the increase in value of the object. An additional advantage is reclaiming the VAT when you make the property available for rental. Investing in a vacation home or a second home is an excellent alternative to traditional bank savings. In short, you choose a tangible, safe and appealing investment object.

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What you can expect

  • Exclusive information about the accommodations
  • The tax aspects of a vacation rental
  • The investment opportunities explained
  • More information about the location and surrounding area