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Buying a recreation home Gelderland

Buying a recreation home in Gelderland

  • Holiday villas on the waterside
  • Private marinas
  • Uniquely located in the Betuwe
  • With a private marina
  • Unique location in the Betuwe

Buying a holiday home in Gelderland

Buying a holiday home in Gelderland can be interesting for various reasons. For example, you can buy a holiday home with the aim of renting it out throughout the year and achieving an attractive return. Or you buy a holiday home to use as a second home on the waterside. In both cases, a holiday home is a smart investment. At MarinaParken you have the option to buy a holiday home in Gelderland at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn. The direct location on the waterside, the wooded area and the park facilities make it very attractive to buy a holiday home in Gelderland at this holiday park.

If you choose to invest in a holiday home at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn, we will take care of everything and guide you from A to Z. In addition, our professional rental organization will completely unburden you, when you rent out the holiday home fully or partially, so that you can fully enjoy your investment.

Last recreation homes in Gelderland:

Buy a holiday home in Gelderland

MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn is located in the Betuwe , in the town of Maurik and on the Nederrijn. Here we have exclusive holiday homes in Gelderland for sale with a direct location on the waterside. The villas are all sustainably furnished and can accommodate up to four people. From the villa you have a beautiful view of the water and/or one of the marinas. The holiday park is ideal for water lovers. Due to the water-rich location, you can immediately get out on the water to practice various water sports.

In addition to having fun on the water, there is also a lot to do on land. MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn is located close to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Amerongen Castle and historic places such as Wijk bij Duurstede, Buren and Culemborg. The natural environment together with the nice towns and villages create a beautiful cycling and walking region.

Bad Nederrijn in brief:

  • Exclusive holiday homes for four or six persons
  • Located in a triple A location
  • In the heart of the Betuwe
  • Plenty of water activities possible
  • Recreational lake with sandy beach
  • Attractive yield

Buying a holiday home in Gelderland as an investment

When you buy a holiday home in Gelderland at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn, you also make optimal use of the facilities . The park has its own sandy beach with a protected swimming area, there are various playground equipment for children and you can enjoy a delicious snack and drink in the brasserie with a view over the water. A big advantage is that this also applies to your guests. Even more interesting if you want to invest in a holiday home in Gelderland.

Buying a holiday home in Gelderland at MarinaParken can be done in several ways. We have listed the options for you:

➤ Private use - Enjoy your holiday when and as long as you want. This is possible if you want to use the holiday home yourself. Permanent residence is not allowed.

➤ Private use and rental - An ideal combination if you occasionally want to use the house yourself and when you are not using the house it is made available for rental. With this option, the return depends on the rental income.

➤ Full rental - The property is fully available for rental. You receive an attractive fixed return for a longer term. Our professional rental organization will unburden you completely.

    Personal use

    If you want to use the vacation home yourself, you can have a vacation here at any time. Permanent occupation is not allowed.

    Fully rent out

    The home is made fully available for renting out.  You receive an appealing fixed return for a longer period. Our professional rental organization completely unburdens you hereby.

    Personal use and rent out

    An ideal combination if you want to use the home yourself from time to time. When you do not use the home, it will be made available to rent out.  For this option, the return depends on the rental income.

Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities of buying a holiday home in Gelderland? Our sales consultants are happy to help you. Feel free to contact us or request a brochure.

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Frequently asked questions

• What are the benefits of investing in a recreational property?

By investing in a vacation home, you benefit not only from an attractive return but also from the property's value increase. Investing in a vacation home is an excellent alternative to a savings account because it is a value-based investment.

• What are the tax aspects involved?

Buying a recreational home in Gelderland is a smart idea because it is a value-proof investment from which you can get a good return. This involves several tax rules, with your personal situation playing an important role. For personal advice, please make an appointment with our advisor.

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