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MarinaParken - Verkoop
Alternative to saving

Alternative to saving

  • Invest with guaranteed yield
  • Waterside parks in Gelderland and North Holland
  • For private use or letting
  • Near the coast or by water

Looking for an attractive alternative to saving?

MarinaParken is the place to go. That's because with us you can invest in a holiday home as alternative to saving. The advantage of this alternative to saving is that you will obtain a guaranteed yield. Besides that, you can choose to also use the home yourself, so you win twice! At MarinaParken, we sell luxurious holiday homes on holiday parks in Bad Nederrijn and the Loosdrechtse Plassen. These villas host up to 4 persons.  If you wish to buy a holiday home to let, our professional letting agency will take care of everything.

Our holiday parks:

What should you do with your savings?

If you are unsure of what to do with your savings, investing in recreational real estate is a good idea. You do not only obtain a guaranteed yield, you can also choose to use the holiday home yourself. You can also choose to let it partially or fully. Because our holiday homes are located in triple A locations in popular holiday regions, it's attractive for renters to stay in your home. Our parks are ideal for water sports athletes, at one of the parks you can even moor your boat on your private jetty. What do you think about this alternative to saving?

    Personal use

    You will buy a vacation rental at MarinaParken for private use. In this case, you only use the home yourself.

    Personal use and renting out

    You will invest in a holiday home and when you are not using the home yourself, you will make it available for letting.

    Solely renting out

    An investment in a vacation rental with the option of receiving a fixed net return for a longer period of time.

Curious about the options to buy a holiday home?  Feel free to contact us.

The holiday home on offer at MarinaParken:

Why choose an alternative to saving at MarinaParken?

Because at MarinaParken you can invest in luxurious holiday home on two different parks. At holiday park Bad Nederrijn, you can invest in Villa Maritiem. This 4-person holiday home has a view over the marina or the water, and comes with lots of luxury. At Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht you can invest in the 4-person Villa Nautica. This villa has, among other things, a private jetty, and can also be delivered as 6-person villa. You can also have the villa delivered with a wellness, dipping pool, (swimming) jacuzzi, or storage area. Will you also invest in a holiday home as alternative to saving?

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