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Buying a summer house The Netherlands

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  • Exclusive summer homes
  • Situated at the water
  • Professional rental organization

Buying a summer home in The Netherlands

Do you dream of buying your own summer home? A place where you can enjoy the ultimate holiday, but where you can offer others a pleasant holiday destination as well. We offer you the chance to buy an exclusive recreational accommodation at the water, in Maurik (Gelderland) or Loosdrecht (North Holland). MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn is situated at the Nederrijn, and is also known as a Valhalla for water sports enthusiasts. MarinaPark Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht is a small-scale park embodying pure luxury at the Loosdrechtse Plassen. Both are perfect destinations for buying your summer home in The Netherlands.


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Buying a summer home: the investment possibilities

Buying a summer home in Gelderland or North Holland at MarinaParken means carefree investing and ultimate bliss. With us, you have three investment possibilities: buying a summer home for 1) private use, for 2) partial private use and rental purposes, and for 3) full rental purposes. Will you opt for partial or full rental? If so, you are in good hands with us. Our professional rental organization will take care of the entire rental process of your summer home for you. From A to Z. MarinaParken is the perfect place to buy a summer home in The Netherlands without worries.

    Private use

    Buying a summer house for your own use means you only use the house yourself, at a recreational level.

    Private use and letting

    You invest in a summer house and when you are not using your home yourself, you make it available for letting.

    Full letting

    You do not use your summer house yourself and make it available for letting. You will receive a fixed net return for a longer period of time.


Buying a summer house in The Netherlands at MarinaParken

Domestic holidays are booming! An increasing number of people opt for a staycation, making it interesting to buy a summer home in The Netherlands. A place where you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday optimally, and/or take advantage of attractive returns in case you decide to rent out your summer home. At MarinaParken, you can buy an exclusive and durable summer home at the Betuwe and at the Loosdrechtse Plassen. Enjoy a wonderful walk through the nature of the Utrecht Hill Ridge, a cycling trip through the Betuwe, or a pleasant boat ride across the Loosdrechtse Plassen.

An overview of MarinaParken:

  • Triple A locations
  • Sustainable summer homes
  • Fully taken care of
  • Located by the water
  • Guaranteed return
  • Use the park facilities

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What other interested parties asked us:

Do I purchase the property along with the land?

At MarinaParken, you can purchase recreational homes that come with the land so you have full ownership of both. You are not required to buy the land along with the summer cottage. If you do not wish to buy the land, it is possible to rent the plot from us. 

Can I buy a summer house with a private jetty?

You can buy a holiday home with a private jetty. This way, you will always have a place to moor your boat close to your holiday home. Board your boat early in the morning directly from your home to explore the nearby waters.  Please note that only one type with a private dock is still available.