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MarinaParken - Verkoop
Yield holiday home

Returns holiday home

  • Guaranteed return
  • Luxurious and exclusive villas
  • In the Betuwe area and at the Loosdrechtse Plassen

Returns on a holiday accommodation

MarinaParken offers you a safe and carefree form of investment in a holiday accommodation with guaranteed returns. Isn't it ideal? At MarinaParken, you can invest in recreational real estate: a stable investment! Our villas are situated at Triple A locations at the Betuwe and at the Loosdrechtse Plassen. In addition, they are constructed in a very luxurious and sustainable way. When you are interested in attaining attractive returns on your holiday accommodation, you can choose to use the accommodation just for private use, to rent out or a combination of both of these things. 

Our range of recreation villas:

Benefit from high returns on your holiday accommodation

At MarinaParken, you can make a carefree investment in a holiday accommodation with high returns. We will ensure you get personal guidance while buying your recreational accommodation. This allows you to always make a well-considered decision that best matches your situation. Will you opt for private use only? Or full rental? Our professional rental organization has over 25 years of experience in developing and managing luxurious holiday parks. This allows us to take care of everything for you when renting out your holiday villa. And when you choose full rental, it goes without saying that you will benefit optimally from attractive returns on your holiday accommodation.

Investing with high returns at one of our MarinaParks:

Achieve a stable return

Depending on the use type you choose, various return options are available. We'd like to highlight them for you:

    Fully rent out

    Achieve the highest return by making your villa fully available to rent out. Potentially for a fixed return.

    Personal use and renting out

    You can also have the villa for both rental and personal use. For this option, the return depends on the rental income.

    Personal use

    If you prefer to have the home all to yourself, you should pick full private use. However, you won't receive a return in this case.

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