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buying a holiday home in north holland

Buying a recreation home in North Holland

  • Near the beach
  • Triple A-location
  • Near well-known seaside resorts
  • Near popular sights

Buying a recreation home in North Holland

Buying a recreational home in the most visited part of the Netherlands is an attractive investment. The recreational villas of the new MarinaPark Residentie Bloemendaal offer you this opportunity. After all, North Holland attracts not only domestic but also many foreign tourists. To meet the needs of today's recreationists, the choice has been made to develop high-quality and luxurious recreational homes at this park. You can buy a holiday home at Residentie Bloemendaal and rent it out completely, use it yourself or a combination of the above.

Is your interest already aroused and are you curious about the possibilities? The sale of phase 1 has already started! 

Our recreational homes in North Holland:

Advantages of investing

  • Sustainable and future–proof recreation villas
  • Adjacent to the Amsterdam Waterleidingdunes
  • Easy access to cities such as Zandvoort, Amsterdam and Noordwijk
  • Near tourist attractions, such as the Zandvoort circuit, Madurodam, and Keukenhof

Buying your recreation villa in Noord-Holland

The area around Residence Bloemendaal is already proven popular. Every year, nearby Zandvoort (20 minutes away) attracts 5.3 million day visitors. The nature reserve the park borders, the Amsterdam Waterleidingdunes, is also immensely popular. It is the largest nature reserve on the Dutch coast and attracts one million visitors each year. Residence Bloemendaal is therefore the ideal base for a beach vacation or to explore nature. 

Our extensive facilities

Prefer to spend a day at the park? The 25-meter outdoor pool offers hours of swimming fun, while the little ones can't believe their luck in the children's pool. At the end of the day you can enjoy a bite to eat at Brasserie Cheers. In the morning you don't have to set the alarm clock to go to the bakery, because you can pick up fresh rolls at our park store. More time to enjoy breakfast together on your own terrace. 

  • 25 m long outdoor swimming pool
  • Children's pool
  • Sports field and playground
  • Restaurant
  • Park shop
  • Entertainment

Take a look at the park's location

Carefree investing in a recreation villa in Noord-Holland

In addition to investing in a recreation villa, you also invest in the vacation park. The park now meets the standards of a successful vacation park. Developments will take place to ensure that the vacation park meets the expectations of the guests of your recreation villa. These developments will lead to Residentie Bloemendaal becoming a contemporary vacation park. This is not only pleasant for the guests, but possibly also for you if you choose to use the recreation villa yourself. You can determine yourself how you wish to use your villa, namely:

    Solely renting out

    You receive an appealing fixed return for a longer period. Our professional rental organization will take care of everything for you.

    Solely personal use

    You can go to your vacation home at any time for a relaxing weekend or a vacation. Please note: permanent residency is not permitted.

    Combination of renting out and personal use

    Combine personal use and renting out. For this option, the return depends on the rental income.

There is a good chance that your interest has been aroused and that you would like to know more about the possibilities. Our sales advisor will be happy to assist you with the purchase of one of the recreation villas in Noord-Holland. Contact us without obligation or make an appointment.

What is the advantage of investing in a recreation villa at Residentie Bloemendaal?

For years now we have seen the trend that many recreationers use the vacation accommodation as a base to explore the area. They want to have the same luxury (and sometimes more) in their vacation accommodation as they have at home. From there, they go out to explore museums, restaurants, and sights. The group will be completely satisfied at Residentie Bloemendaal.

Which tax aspects should I take into account?

A recreation villa has tax consequences for you. These depend on your personal situation and the way in which you purchase the recreation villa. It is important that you research this very well. Our advisor will be happy to help you get started; make an appointment below without obligation and take your first step towards owning a recreation villa in Noord-Holland.

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What you can expect

  • Exclusive information about the accommodations
  • The tax aspects of a vacation rental
  • The investment opportunities explained
  • More information about the location and surrounding area