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Buy a waterfront chalet

Buy a waterfront chalet

  • Luxury chalets for sale
  • Directly located at the water
  • With private marinas

Waterfront chalet for sale

Would you like to buy a chalet on the waterfront? Discover the possibilities of buying a waterfront chalet at MarinaParken. Due to the low or even negative savings rates, investing your money in a luxury chalet is quite attractive right now. A big advantage of a chalet on the water is that it is very attractive for holidaymakers. This will result in a higher occupancy and consequently a higher return. The holiday resorts of MarinaParken are all located on triple A locations and the holiday are each located directly on the waterfront.

Our waterfront chalets

Discover the MarinaParken parks

MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn

MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn can be found in a unique location on the Rijnbandijk in the village of Maurik. Due to its location on the Lower Rhine river, it is possible to water ski, sail, canoe, or even jet ski on the water. The resort also has three marinas where you can moor your own boat. The waterfront chalets offer a unique view over the water and plenty of privacy.

  • Located in the heart of the Betuwe area
  • Exclusive and sustainable holiday villas
  • Directly situated on the Nederrijn river

MarinaPark Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht

MarinaPark Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht is located in North Holland and will soon have an exclusive selection of sustainable holiday villas. One thing is for sure, they are fully equipped and are located directly at the waterfront.

  • Holiday resort in North Holland
  • High quality holiday villas
  • Directly on the waterfront

Waterfront chalets for sale

Would you like to purchase chalet at MarinaParken? The chalets at MarinaParken are more than just simple chalets. They are luxury holiday villas that are located at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn and MarinaPark Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht. Both resorts are located at watery destinations and have their own marina and/or berths.

Your investment in a chalet

  • Private use; go on holiday throughout the year
  • Full letting; receive a fixed net yield over a longer period of time
  • Private use and letting; receive an attractive yield based on the rental revenue

Would you like to know more about the investment opportunities at MarinaParken? Please feel free to contact our consultant or ask for our information brochure.

Frequently asked questions

What yield will I receive when I buy a chalet at the water?

What the exact yield will be, depends on a number of factors. Whether you will rent out the chalet at the water fully, or partially use it yourself as well, for example. Contact us for more information about which yield you can expect when purchasing a chalet at the water.

What are the advantages of investing in a chalet at the water?

Investing in recreational real estate is incredibly attractive. MarinaParken offers a stable investment that allows you to achieve an interesting yield. The fiscal regulations for the purchase depend on your personal situation. Fore more information about this, you can schedule a non-binding appointment with our adviser.

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What you can expect

  • Exclusive information about the accommodations
  • The tax aspects of a vacation rental
  • The investment opportunities explained
  • More information about the location and surrounding area